Credit: Patricia Brochu Photographe

Credit: Patricia Brochu Photographe

Drea Wheeler is the original Texas girl and has been involved in competitive sports and in athletics her entire life. Her name in track and field has been made through her years of competition. With a double Major in University in Sociology and Criminal Psychology she combines her past life struggles with her everyday outlook on life to help her clients accomplish Happiness.

Drea is a
Victoria Park Director
Brand Ambassador
Corporate Fitness Consultant
Model Agency Trainer


She is definitely a Black Girl Magic!



I am Happy when …

I am doing what makes me happy.


How do you define your happiness?

I define my happiness through my passion. Whatever I am passionate about ultimately brings me happiness.


How do you invest in your happiness?

Travel. I travel as often as I can to learn about different things or experiences that bring me happiness.


What is that one special thing, event or experience that makes you happy when you think about it?

The beach, imagining I am laying on the sand and hearing the waves in the ocean make me happy and calm.


What was your happiest moment in 2016?

My wedding.


What is the thing that get you excited?

Exercising and eating lol preferably one after the other. lol


What scent, texture, color makes you feel happy?

Pink. Any and everything pink makes me happy. Which is why my wedding ring has pink in it.


If your happiness was a colour, a place, a meal what would it be?

Pink. Tacos. Beach.


One thing you achieved last year (big or small) that makes you happy and proud.

Becoming one of the top 50 most influential girls in Canada under 35.


What is your favourite quote that makes you smile?

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.


What song makes you happy right now?

Work by Rihanna.


What is your quality/skill you've improved and makes you happy?

Patience… I’ve learned to be more patient.


What are the things you do to make yourself happy? 

I workout and/or go to the spa. That is my happy place.


What is the best choice you have made?

Marrying my best friend.


What are the 3 things you ticked off your bucket list last year?

… I don’t have a Bucket List, I just live through what I experience everyday.


What are you grateful for?

My friends.. they are the best support system I have had today.

Drea Wheeler - A year of Happiness - Black Milk Women


What are your hopes and dreams for 2017? 

Accomplish more than I did this year and maintain my happiness in life. LIVE LIFE!


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