Black Milk Women is an online Lifestyle magazine based in Montreal.

We want to influence and empower women to, be their own inspiration, enhance inner and outer beauty, shape their uniqueness and live a meaningful life.

Be around the light bringers, the magic makers, the world shifters, the game shakers.
They challenge you, break you open, uplift and expand you.
They don’t let you play small with your life.
These heartbeats are your people.
These people are your tribe.
— Danielle Doby

It all started…

In 2010 when Shirline decided to leave her Parisian life and her job as a legal assistant to go on an adventure in Montreal and make her dreams a reality!

Self-taught and passionate, Shirline has worked in the fashion and media industry as a public relations manager for Souche Magazine. She also collaborated with the designer and activist Gwen Madiba and the creative agency Flofferz.

Womanhood, afro culture, entrepreneurship, self-care and travels are her favorites topics. In 2013 she launches Black Milk Magazine: the first Montrealer’s webzine that promotes women’s inclusion and diversity. After 3 years of positive outcome the website closed a successful chapter to give birth to a vision: Black Milk Women, a platform 100% dedicated to Black women.

Her desire to celebrate black beauty and to change the narrative around the Black Woman is eminent. Black Milk Women is a modern-day journal in the way of a Black Bridget Jones’s Diary where her team and herself share discoveries, inspirations, stories and personal reflections on topics about womanhood.

In 2018, Shirline was invited to participate in the workshop Réalise-Toi to talk about self-esteem and the perception of beauty in society.

When she does not talk about women empowerment, she likes to study law. She is in the process of obtaining her law degree. #dontgiveuponyourdreams

You can follow Shirline on twitter @Theperfectshee


The Team


Black Milk Women is also an armada of young talents, creative and inspirational writers and contributors.