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This week I shared my own experience regarding the lack of diversity growing up. You can read my article why representation still matters . This question/subject/issue about diversity and inclusion resonates even more in 2019.

Part of the insecurity in our adult life comes from the lack of representation like barbies, thin, muscular, this and that, perfectly looking doll. Though, it's important for little black children to grow around representative items so they become to know and love themselves. Black boys and girls need to know that they are not excluded from society and they should be able to identify themselves through books, movies, cartoons, and toys to help them build their image and shape their identity. Every child dreams about having a doll or a superhero but it should be every child’s dream to have a doll or superhero that resembles them.

Scroll down to see 4 black business websites where you can shop breathtaking black dolls :

Representation matters - black dolls to shop - black milk women

My Pretty Brown Doll

What i like about this etsy shop is that you can actually create your own black ballerina doll. My Pretty Brown Doll do not sell a finished product but provides a detailed crochet pattern for you to make your own crochet doll. The instructions are very simple and easy to follow.

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Representation Matters - Black Dolls - Black Milk Women

Nneka Dolls

The lovely doll named nubia is styled in 5 diverse wears, therefore it's at your taste. Nneka said, " At Nneka Dolls we believe that children should play with dolls that not only mirror their skin tone and hair textures but also represent the diversity in our world." And it’s made in Africa

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Represensation matters - black dolls to shop - black milk women

Me-Charis Dolls

If you are into minimal and non-traditional, Me-Charis is for you! Not only they are handmade but they are also very unique. Note that right now the dolls are actually sold out! but don't worry they will be in stocks in two weeks - meaning get your credit card ready to purchase.The dolls cost as maximum as $125 to lower $88.

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Representation matters - black dolls to shop -  black milk women

Makedaa Dolls

All Makedaa Dolls are amazing! To make your shopping more fun, Makedaa even added personalized characteristics to their dolls, so you can choose a doll based on their personality and physical. How marvelous!

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Which one is your favorite? Let us know and let's support!

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