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We always say how family is the most important thing #familyfirst and that friends come and go. I believe that friendship is just as precious as family and that when you find the right friends, it is essential to tend to them as you would to your family.

Some friendships definitely come and go but others are made to last long and I will tell you exactly about that kind friendship. The one that lasts, that evolves, that transforms and inspires; that friendship is real and it truly makes me believe that it is one of the most beautiful things a human being can experience and it just goes to show how selflessness makes perfect sense.

It’s often said that you can count your true friends on one hand and it’s with good reason. Sincere friendships take hard work and effort. Like in any relationship, there are detrimental consequences to a friendship that is neglected, that lacks communication, where no initiative taken or where no time made. That is why it is important to foster the friends who surround you, who want the best for you and who’s presence in your life and yours in theirs can only be beneficial.

I share about 22 years of friendship with my friends aka Les Ocdu. Although the years do not define a friendship, the last 22 plus years have played a big part in reinforcing and fulfilling our relationship.

At 9 years old, we played ‘’ freeze tag’’ in my parents’ backyard.

At 13, we would imitate the spice girls and have pyjama parties.

At 16, we would watch our favorite series and Walt Disney movies.

Today we inspire each other, we encourage each other, we listen to one another, we sometimes have the giggles as we did when we were 16, we have debriefing session about our TV series (any Scandal & Power fans here?), we organize vacations and bachelorette trips and we even continue our pyjama parties. We spend a lot of quality time together even though we live miles apart because… friendship.

Often, throughout a woman’s life, the transformation from childhood to teenage life and then the transformation into young adulthood, can have a significant impact not only on the physical aspect but on the mental aspect as well; and this tends to negatively influence certain friendships during these ‘’peak periods of a woman’s life’’. Whether it be the areas of interest that change and/or diversify, the signs of maturity, the love stories, the studies, the differences, the routine, the weddings and births etc.  During these important times in life some friendships can become fragile, can break, can be distanced, can deteriorate, can be abandoned with time because perhaps not enough time was spent tending to these relationships.

My longest friendship isn’t by chance, but more the product of total self-giving, mutual willingness to tend to the friendship without allowing those life hazards to get in the way.


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Whether you have one, two, three or a group of 10 inseparable friends, here are the 5 reasons why it is essential to take care of these friendships:

1. They add value to your life.

2. They make you a better person.

3. You can have disagreements but never disappointments. 

4. You can be yourself… I mean truly yourself with no shame!

5. They don’t judge you nor criticize you… but they understand you.

Last month, we organized a bachelorette trip. We did it for every bride and we will continue the tradition for the future brides of our group… only the destination will be left a secret. It’s our thing. Here are a few photos from our trip and also a vlog (down below). 


Ibiza 2017 - black milk women
Ibiza 2017 - black milk women
Ibiza 2017 - black milk women
Friendship - Bachelorette Trip 2017


Watch the vlog down below :)



Where does friendship stand in your life?


Article translated by Marlena Ricciuti

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