I have no luck


Live your magic


There aren't many ways to go about it; I hate hearing that phrase.

I often hear it on different occasions; when I travel, when I finalize a contract with Féfé, or with Sly Johnson, or even when I became an ambassador for Pébéo.

When I am told, "No, but really, you are way too lucky, since forever, you have a horseshoe up your ass", I don't like it. Why? It gives me the impression that all my efforts are negated.

In one sentence, the 15 hours a day of work, at times, during the night, 7 days a week, unpaid hours, are negated. My personal life sacrifices are negated.

When you eat, breathe and dream your dream (when you actually find time to sleep), when everything you do is in accordance with this dream, what it costs, no one has the right to talk about luck. When you take risks, when you bet it all, when you have to go against the grain, knocking on closed doors again and again until they finally open just before you almost chose a window, no one can talk to you about luck.

Luck is when you go to the casino and win at black jack. Luck is buying a lottery ticket with your lucky numbers. Even so, an action, even minimal, was still made. Luck is when someone says, "I'd love to be in your place", and then you wait, for the little happiness that is luck. Luck is easy.

Luck isn't when you put all of your efforts and energy towards a precise goal. Luck doesn't appear magically. What people see is the tip of the ice-berg, not all the enterprising actions taken throughout the years.


"Good luck is a lazy man's estimate

of a worker's success."

- English Proverb


So, certainly, luck plays a role, minimal, maybe %1 of success, and even so! What happens is the result of our actions, our efforts, our thoughts and our vibrations. What happens to us is deserved, it has nothing to do with luck or lack of, it is what we created. So, please, don't deny ideas, the ones coming from others or even yourself, grab life by the balls and lead with humility.


"Corneille once said, in order to succeed

without peril, you become triumphant without glory.

I'll add that by doing nothing we waste the best of us.

The best time to act is now.

If you don't do it, tomorrow will seem like yesterday."

- Alain Samson

PS: Good luck?


Original title : “Je n'ai pas de chance”.

Translation: Mehdi Chkirate


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