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Become Who You Are 


Think of the last time you felt like you weren’t enough.

Let your mind travel back to the most recent moment in time when you were convinced that you lacked something vital.

When you made the realization, how did you feel?

What were the first thoughts to enter your head?

Did you speak life into your shortcomings or did you subconsciously tear yourself apart?

Most women perform the latter action without even recognizing what’s being done.

When weighing in on the complexities of life – and the multitude of stigmas and stereotypes XX chromosomes carry – it’s difficult to ignore the pressure that’s constantly exerted on us.

Aside from the demands placed on black women by society, we tend to add more than enough weight to our own shoulders right along with everyone else.




It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’ve accomplished in life, you’ll never escape the reality that there will always been room for improvement. It’s healthy to want to work on yourself; the work you do within eventually evolves into wisdom that can be passed on to other people as they attempt to sort out their own journey.

When done correctly, your soul searching and personal realizations can fuel some of the most enriching breakthroughs you’ve ever experienced. When it isn’t, critical behavior can quickly become fuel for a self-sabotaging cycle.

Feeling as if you aren’t the smartest, prettiest, or most capable person in the room can open the door to a generational curse that’s plagued many women just like you.

“I Am That I Am” is more than a biblical quote – it’s a promise; a commitment from you to you.

The moment your soul entered this realm, you took an oath, declaring that you’d accept responsibility for your own actions. It’s your job to govern the rights and wrongs you commit in this lifetime and many of us fail miserably at that task…without even knowing what we’re doing wrong.

Personal Empowerment Quote : I Am That I Am - Black Milk Women

It all begins with the things you speak over yourself. Words are powerful! Slowly, but surely, you morph into any- and everything your psyche accepts. On the flip side of that coin, you’ll never be any of the things you refuse to acknowledge either.

The real question is, how do you learn to master this recipe?

“I Am” is like a double-edged sword. Choose wisely and you’ll be able to bypass many of life’s avoidable battles. Would you believe that most of the trials and tribulations people endure are a result of something they’ve spoken over themselves?

Think about it. Shifting the ‘s’ from the front to the back, “sword” becomes “words” – proof that you can form a weapon from every whispered syllable.

Learning to speak life over yourself isn’t an easy task. To master the subconscious, you must unlearn all the things you’ve accepted in the past.

Every thought.

Every idea.

Every subconscious belief.

Mastering your “I Am” requires you to start all over again.

I can remember solemn declarations being uttered from my mother’s lips, as she sat at the dining room table chest deep in unpaid bills.

“I’m broke.”

“I’m tired.”

Her declarations became a desolate chorus that constantly rang throughout my mind. Compiled by emotional “I Ams” that weren’t spoken, but implied, it’s easy to see how I inherited such a bleak expectation from reality.

Naturally, I found myself following in my mother’s footsteps. Ironically, as she did her best to console me in my lowest state, I remember her tearfully admitting that she never wanted me to live life like she did. She always told me to make better decisions but I could only follow the example that was set. Even if I wasn’t “broke”, proclaiming so felt familiar to me. I repeated generational cycles until I endured the same level of suffering.

“I Am” is the most powerful incantation
you’ll ever speak into existence.
— Tiara Butler

I soon realized how we were casting spells of damnation with a simple phrase. “I Am” is the most powerful incantation you’ll ever speak into existence. Learning to control your "I Am" paves the way for you to rise from the ashes! Like a phoenix, your words can completely transform whatever situation you’re in. Don’t think about what it’ll take to live up to your renewed mantra – start speaking life into yourself today.




A literary alchemist. Since terms like author, poet, or writer don’t fully describe the sentiment behind the career path she’s chosen, our contributing journalist, Tiara Butler, had to come up with something more fitting. The hailing Washingtonian has spent the last five years perfecting her craft in the professional arena. Her resume includes impressive collaborations with some of the best minds in business as well as a few exciting appointments in the self-help sector. Living the life of her dreams, Tiara’s a believer in all things. She closes each assignment with her soul’s mantra, “Write the vision, make it plain.”


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