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Every now and then, we need a reminder of how great we are and a self pep-talk to start the day. Below is a list of affirmations you can recite daily.




I am beautiful

I am not too fat

I am a work in progress

I am are strong

I am worthy of my dreams

I am confident

I am courageous

I am creative

I am loved

I am lovable

I am ok as I am

I accept myself

I love the Skin I am in

I am not too thin

I Matter

My thoughts and opinions matter

It’s ok to be different

I am loved

They / He / She choose you for a reason

I am able

I forgive myself/you

I am wealthy

I am blessed

I support myself

I trust myself

I am grateful

I am calm

It's ok to feel

I am in control

Let it go


Concur the Day

I got this

Tell them to fuck off

I’am almost there

I'am going to work hard

I did not wake up to be mediocre

It's a new day

Today, I choose happiness

There is hope

Nothing is stopping me

I will reach my goals


Life goals

I am in charge

I am the energy I want to attract

My dreams matter

It's all figureoutable

My possibilities are endless

I am going to stop comparing

I won't give up

The best is yet to come

Don't get stuck


Need to look at this list every morning to remind you how beautiful, strong, smart, confident, amazing woman you are? 

Daily Affirmation List - Black Milk Women

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