So I reached out to my fav makeup artist, gal-pal, Sophia “Sparks” Guillaume since she's pretty much blown-up since the last time we collaborated for a blog. From working on set with Tory Lanez for his recent video, and doing makeup for a reality star/hip-hop artist, Cardi B, we were overdue for a chat.

As her portfolio grows, her ego remains the same (she's better than me. I would stop answering to my own So as I caught up with her, at her South Shore home, we tried out three different looks: Daytime, Happy-Hour and Night-time. (See video below)


GIRL! What’s new? Whats poppin’?

Hey! Not much, lol. Just working on building my brand and making my footprint in this industry.


So since the last time we worked together, things have blown-up for you! Congratulations!!

Thank you so much. Yeah. Things got a bit crazy for me but, I can only feel blessed with everything. I quit my day job back in June and since then, opportunities keeps coming my way. I’ve been a guest speaker in a fashion event, worked for big names, both local and international, created my own make-up seminar and built a clientele of dope creatives, artists and photographers in the city.


How does it feel?

It feels great! The fact that you’re in your own bubble, you don't realize what’s happening. I’m just a girl who decided to go for it. I’m self taught and work for myself. (big smile)


How did Tory Lanez happen?

Girl! I woke up at 5am to go pee and I’m the type to always grab my phone for whatever reason, at any given time and I saw that one of my associates texted me. She wanted me to call her. At first, I thought it was for a regular makeup gig but, something told me to make that call her. So I did. Next thing you know, I’m on set at 7AM for Kranium & Tory Lanez videoshoot!


Ummm, and Cardi B?

Lol. It’s an awkward story. At first, I wrote an e-mail to her management since I saw she was coming in Montreal. I didn’t get an answer. At the time, I was also working with a popular clothing company and they were giving her a custom loot bag. So it turned out I was gonna be at the hotel anyway. Before that, I also contacted the promoter but, was told I wasn’t going to be needed since she had her team.

The day of, I was prepared to go with the gift bags and something told me to bring my make-up stuff...just in case. When I got there, her team was there saying they were  looking for me to do Cardi's makeup. GOD GOT ME!. The promoter tried to stop me from shining but, I ended up being the one who got contacted. Persistence is key!


Is she really that "On" in real life?

She is so humble, smart, down to earth and nice. She greeted me in We were joking the whole time. I felt comfortable. I didn't have much time to get her ready, so I was nervous and asked if she liked it. She asked me: “Do you like it? I know you mua’s are very sensitive about your artistry”. I looked at her again, this time feeling more confident and said “yes!” Then she replied, “If you like it, then I love it!”. That right there made my day but, to come back to your question, she is exactly how you see her on TV and social media.


So, what's next?

Life is so unpredictable lol. I would like to put more quality content online. Maybe start A Youtube channel, have hands-on makeup classes on the regular and keep spreading that GLOW!  


Who would you like to work with in the near future?

As far as celebs, I still want to work with Taraji P. Henson, Karen Civil, Ming Lee and Remy Ma. I’m just putting it out there in the universe! Other than that, I would like to collab' with a makeup brand, mua’s and maybe other creatives that I look up to on bigger projects.


Wedding season is coming up. What are all the services you provide and where can we see a price list?

I do all special occasions, weddings, photo/video shoots etc. For prices, I have templates that I can send to all potential clients.


For all those asking for free services, what would you like to say?

If you are a business, artist or creative, please come to me with a detailed plan, that is mutually beneficial. Doing makeup is my passion but, I have to buy supplies and maintain my craft. Makeup is not cheap and time is precious. Please respect this.


How can we make an appointment?

Email at or my facebook page: Sparks Makeup Artist. My website will be up soon


We tried out three different looks: Daytime, Happy-Hour and Night-time. 


Make-Up used on my face:

Foundation: MAC studio fix fluid NC45, mix with Graftobian hd glamour palette and MAC studio fix powder NC45

Concealers: Nyx above and beyond full coverage in Orange, LA girl cosmetics concealer in warm beige

Eyebrows: Essence Eyebrows designer in brown

Eyeshadow: Juvias Place mascarade palette and anastasia beverley hills Tammana palette

Mascara: Essence I love extreme lashes in black

Liner: NYC liquid eyeliner in black

Lashes: Kiss blooming lashes

Setting powder under the eye: Ben NYE Banana powder

Contour: Coastal scent contouring palette

Hightlight: Anastasia Beverley Hills Glow kit in gold and bronze

Blush: NYX ombre blush in sweet spring

Lips: Purple: Limecrime unicorn; Red: NYX velvet and mate in blood love


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