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Usually, in the summer, I tend to wear less makeup. Although I don’t wear makeup I still follow a skincare routine that will help me deal will all my skin concerns. During the summer my skin needs protection and hydration. In the winter i usually follow the korean skincare regimen with 5 to 10 steps. My goal in the summer is to simplify my skincare routine while remaining effective.




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Summer skincare routine for Black Women - Black Milk Women

As I don’t wear makeup in the summer - double cleaning (oil + cleanser) is not necessary. I use a cleanser that can remove all the impurities accumulated during the day while respecting the PH balance of my skin. The Tata Harper purifying cleanser is my new favorite! I like the consistency and lemony scent of this product that is both soothing and relaxing after a long hot and humid day. This cleanser has a gel texture that turns into a luxurious and abundant oil as soon as it is applied, it allows a gentle and deep cleansing and brings a high effective hydration and a sensation of freshness, it is a real luxury to use it.  

Summer skincare routine for Black Women - Black Milk Women

This cute pink bottle from the Korean brand Saturday Skin is an essence full of beneficial ingredients for the skin. The full range is based on the Cha-7 es Complex ™ formula, which is supposed to target the early signs of aging while enhancing the skin's moisture, texture and tonicity. This essence spray has become an integral part of my daily routine, I can not live without it. My skin is radiant, luminous and hydrated. I use it morning and night but you can use it throughout the day if you feel that your skin is dry or dehydrated.

Summer skincare routine for Black Women - Black Milk Women

Serums are essential to my skincare routine. At the moment my skin is doing pretty well, no acne or particular skin problem so I focus on the firmness of my skin while also preventing fine lines and wrinkles.

The Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop serum by Klairs, I've purchased in Singapore, is my go to serum. It is an excellent product that contains 10 active ingredients in order to restore the elasticity of the skin, promote its appearance and fight against aging. During the summer I only apply serum in the evening in order to stay in the minimalist side but you can use it morning and night and combine several serums at a time to target your specific needs. However, serums don’t replace moisturizer, so be sure to moisturize your skin right after!

Summer skincare routine for Black Women - Black Milk Women

The heat tends to dry out the skin, so it's important not to skip the moisturizer step even though people with combination or oily skin often mistakenly think that cream weighs down the skin in the summer. Since I used "The Water Cream" by Tatcha my skin texture has significantly improved. This gel-cream rich in nutrients provides a good dose of hydration. It sounds crazy but I feel like putting water on my face. It feels so good!  

Summer skincare routine for Black Women - Black Milk Women

If you haven’t started to implement a sunscreen into your routine, you need to start now! Beyond preconceived ideas,  your melanin needs SPF  because we are all subject to damages caused by the sun. Dermatologists generally recommend an SPF between from 15 to 30 for people with mixed and dark skin. I know that it is a real pain in the ass for black women to find a sunscreen that would suit their skin complexion. To avoid the grayish filter I use Cover FX sunscreen, it is transparent and does not feel greasy when applied.  

Finally hydrate from the inside by drinking a lot of water.


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