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Seasons come and go but you’ll still wake up with that same (damn) acne-oily-sensitive-hyper pigmented skin on your face if you don’t do anything about it. So, you better have good natural looking skin if you want to "wake up like this". – and join the Flawless (morning) team without makeup. Otherwise, follow these beauty tips that I have adopted and that allow me to walk proudly in the streets without wearing any foundation – showing off my bare skin and achieving those #skingoals.

Here are the 3 essential beauty tips to add to your everyday beauty routine to get that perfect, soft, silky, dewy skin in the winter:


1. A soft and HY-DRA-TING toner

After removing your makeup and washing your face, it is important to apply a toner. Tone your skin with a product that is suitable for your skin. Choose a toner that will not dry out your skin but one that will gently cleanse it, removing the remaining impurities and makeup residues, and that will hydrate it all at the same time.

I left my bioderma's micellar water in the cupboard. I find that European/Western toners have the tendency of drying up my skin and if I do not apply a cream within seconds, my skin begins to peel. Korean toners do not contain any alcohol and are a lot more soft and efficient. The ultimate goal for Korean toners is to calm and sooth the skin while restoring the PH levels after the aggressive effect of cleansing.

skincare winter routine - black milk women
skincare winter routine - black milk women

My Holy Grail of the moment are the toner Beauty Water by Park & Son and Missha first treatment essence, both combination are perfect for my skin. These products are amazing in preparing the skin for the next steps. It cleanses and removes the last traces of makeup, exfoliates and hydrates the skin and not to mention, is extremely soft. It also helps in restoring PH levels. Absolutely no pulling sensation or dryness. I love it!


2. Serum + Elixir

During the winter season, our skin tends to be dull, dehydrated and sensitive. Serum is an active concentrate that delivers very powerful ingredients into the skin and helps boost the epidermis. The goal of a serum is to lend a helping hand to the skin the very moment it needs it the most. It is an excellent complement that heightens the effect of the moisturizer.

There are a variety of serums designed to treat all sorts of skin problems: sebum excess, premature aging, redness, spots, dehydration, loss of vitality etc. In the winter, what interests us is hydration and vitality. The key is to look for a serum that helps in maintaining the skins’ hydration.

In the morning, I protect and hydrate my skin.

skincare winter routine - black milk women

The Lumière serum by So Senz is a concentrate of active ingredients and essential oils such as, chamomile, neroli, petigrain, and rosewood, that nourish, smoothen, ease and revitalize the skin. So Senz is a small French and organic brand, designed for all skin types, who promote an ethical level of quality ingredients as well as respect for the environment.

The smell of this serum is amazing, very natural and leaves a therapeutic and relaxing sensation. I warm up the serum in the palm of my hand, gently dab it directly onto my washed face and then I massage my face. It is my favorite moment of my beauty routine. As soon as my skin is done absorbing all the benefits of the serum, I go on to apply my day cream. Always.

It is possible to combine different serums to target several problems all at once. We can apply a hydrating serum and an anti-aging serum at the same time. When it comes to serums that treat very specific skin problems, it is important to use the serum on the affected area as a treatment or continuously if the problem persists.

skincare winter routine - black milk women

If you have pigmentary problems, I strongly advise the Mission Perfection by Clarins, that has proved its effectiveness. The result: after more than one month of using the serum, I now have a uniform complexion, my spots have faded and some spots have completely gone away.


At night, I treat and repair my skin.

At night, the skin repairs itself more thoroughly and is a lot more receptive to receive all the nutrients. This is why it is important to use a product that boosts the regenerating cells. Contrary to the serum, the elixir can be worn alone or under your night cream.

skincare winter routine - black milk women

The Midnight Recovery Concentrate by Kiehl's is a part of the trendy facial treatment products. This serum is an active concentrate that will preserve the youth of your skin.

I swear, the next day, I wake up with a healthy glow. My skin is smooth, soft, plumped and radiant. The hydration of the face is maintained and preserved. This product really keeps its promises. It is a definite must-have!


3. The night mask

Nights masks are just better night creams. The night mask, different from other regular masks, is a hydrating mask meant to be left on all night. Contrary to night creams, the night mask continuously produces active ingredients. It also brings a set of elements that your skin needs to repair and regenerate itself. We apply the night mask after the night serum or elixir, to get the maximum results.

There are different textures of night masks that exist. It can be in a gel or cream form. I have tested both textures. I have a mixed oily skin type and I found the cream texture to be a better fit for my skin. And no, my skin did not get oilier. I did not like the gel texture because I felt a sticky sensation on my skin. You need to try both textures to be able to eventually choose the one that best suits your skin!

Night masks are products that are very rich in texture and so you want to avoid suffocating your skin. It is to be used as a treatment or very occasionally, when your skin is in need of an intensive treatment and rehydrating and plumping boost!

I love night masks – There are so easy to use with your skincare plan and it does all the work while you sleep.

winter skincare routine

At the moment, I only swear by one product: Fresh’s Overnight Black Tea Mask.

This mask is incredibly amazing! I don’t know what it does to the skin during the night but the results are there. I apply my mask right after my elixir. It has a creamy texture and therefore you can apply a very light layer on your whole face. The smell is very light and pleasant; the botanicals smell great. The day after, I wake up with honestly, the best skin ever! My skin is glowing, strong, rejuvenated, bright, smooth and completely hydrated. It is expensive but definitely a great investment for your skin. You absolutely need to have it!


These 3 essential beauty tips are an excellent complement that offer all the active ingredients your skin needs to make it more silky and beautiful.


Article translated by Marlena Ricciuti


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